To tweet by…

“Google Before You Tweet” by Jon Parker and Joe Newton

We are always on our computers, be it on facebook, twitter, tumblr, or even wordpress. I think this typographic picture is a very humorous/interesting take on the age old saying “think before you speak”. The two sayings really tie together modern times with the classic ones that we remember.

I think the typographic styling is interesting in that every line contains a different type of style. Some may think that such varying types cause an overwhelming feeling. However, since the amount of type is so minimal, I think it works positively for the image. Beside that, the simple colors and minimal illustrations help keep the piece from being too overwhelming.

How do you feel about this piece of graphic design? Good/Bad? Successful/Unsuccessful? Appealing, or not? Leave a comment!


Work in Graphic Design

I got a phone call from my Mom last night. She told me that a family friend of ours is looking to help her friend ‘makeover’ his website. Now I’m not going to post a link to the website just because I don’t want to hurt feelings. But seriously, this website NEEDS some help. And I would love to have helped with the website but you see, I am in Electronic Media Design right now, so I feel entirely under qualified. Wrong timing, right? Anyway, I’m hoping they still might need help after the semester is over when I know how to work html and css a lot better… hopefully. Anyway, in the mean time I might just have to design a logo and maybe that will draw them in and want to hire me in the future. This opportunity could be a HUGE stepping stone for me, since the family friend works with many graphic designers are a BIG company. No names here. But seriously, I hope it all works out, since my goal this year is to get an internship (I mean it’s my senior year, might as well!). Anyway cross your fingers for me that I can still do this job in the future! I mean I don’t want to be a waitress forever…

P.S. I know I talked about AIGA last time, but it seems like a great resource… so when looking for a job in the future, this article may have some good insight.

Yesterday was World Peace Day. So PEACE!

AIGA – A Step In the Right Direction?

Sitting in one of my graphic design classes the other day, my professor mentioned the organization, AIGA, or American Institute of Graphic Arts. As quoted from the website,

“AIGA’s mission is to advance designing as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force”.

It really sounds like the type of organization that can get a new graphic designer’s foot in the door. Unfortunately the closest chapters are in Minneapolis and Milwaukee, and that is quite a drive from little ole’ Eau Claire. Now that is a dilemma. What to do? Is it too late for a senior to join (since I just heard about this organization the other day)? …UGH!!

P.S. After learning in 375 about what makes a website successful (navigation, layout, color, etc.), this website is great! …check out the website: Let me know what you think?


5 Suggestions in Design & Development

According to, the following 5 suggestions are supposed to improve the design and development side of any and every type of website, blog, or whatever… let’s hope that I can follow those ‘rules of thumb’ and maybe end up with a successful blog (I do not own rights to the following post).


  1. Feedback: Get a few people to make one suggestion each about your site. It’s easy to be blind to mistakes on your own website.
  2. Browsers: Check your main website’s functionality in (e-commerce/gallery etc) in as many browsers as possible. Note any issues to fix later.
  3. Give direction: Your homepage isn’t an ‘about’ page. Give visitors a reason to click around. (Log in / Sign up / Request brochure etc.)
  4. Let the user be in control: Avoid popups, resizers and all those nasty things. It’s the users browser, not yours. Most popups can simply be placed on a new page.
  5. Animation: I’m not against a bit of useful animation, but don’t let images animate continually whilst the user is trying to read the content or look at a product. It’s like trying to sell a car to someone whilst dancing around distractingly in the background in a giant banana suit. Almost.

…aparently this is all supposed to take less than 5 minutes. Good luck!