Work in Graphic Design

I got a phone call from my Mom last night. She told me that a family friend of ours is looking to help her friend ‘makeover’ his website. Now I’m not going to post a link to the website just because I don’t want to hurt feelings. But seriously, this website NEEDS some help. And I would love to have helped with the website but you see, I am in Electronic Media Design right now, so I feel entirely under qualified. Wrong timing, right? Anyway, I’m hoping they still might need help after the semester is over when I know how to work html and css a lot better… hopefully. Anyway, in the mean time I might just have to design a logo and maybe that will draw them in and want to hire me in the future. This opportunity could be a HUGE stepping stone for me, since the family friend works with many graphic designers are a BIG company. No names here. But seriously, I hope it all works out, since my goal this year is to get an internship (I mean it’s my senior year, might as well!). Anyway cross your fingers for me that I can still do this job in the future! I mean I don’t want to be a waitress forever…

P.S. I know I talked about AIGA last time, but it seems like a great resource… so when looking for a job in the future, this article may have some good insight.

Yesterday was World Peace Day. So PEACE!


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