Acing the Interview!

Believe it or not, my own mother showed me this website about how to get your first graphic design job. I think she really wants me to get a job in graphic design, something OTHER than serving food… probably a pretty good idea.

Here is some information regarding how to act in an interview. I think this is what I need to work on the most… READ ON!

“Ask questions about the organization and its projects. Be interested in them; then explain how you can help with their needs. Don’t drone on about yourself; be attuned to the interviewer’s verbal responses and body language. An interview, when it really works, is a dialogue between people who are sharing information and finding common ground.

After any interview, always stop to record your impressions. A follow-up note of thanks will be appreciated as a courtesy and is a way to help interviewers remember you.”

& Here’s the link…
How to get your FIRST Graphic Design Job



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