Creative Package Design… ALL THE WAY

Package design is also a really cool aspect of graphic design. I recently found out about this website called ‘Pintrest’ which appears to be a great place to go for inspiration. It’s alot like Flikr but you can sort of post things as if they are on a bulletin board. Anyway, here I have some pretty inspiring package designs that inspire me. Hope they inspire you as well!


Acing the Interview!

Believe it or not, my own mother showed me this website about how to get your first graphic design job. I think she really wants me to get a job in graphic design, something OTHER than serving food… probably a pretty good idea.

Here is some information regarding how to act in an interview. I think this is what I need to work on the most… READ ON!

“Ask questions about the organization and its projects. Be interested in them; then explain how you can help with their needs. Don’t drone on about yourself; be attuned to the interviewer’s verbal responses and body language. An interview, when it really works, is a dialogue between people who are sharing information and finding common ground.

After any interview, always stop to record your impressions. A follow-up note of thanks will be appreciated as a courtesy and is a way to help interviewers remember you.”

& Here’s the link…
How to get your FIRST Graphic Design Job


Typography is FUN!

I think one of my favorite parts of graphics design is typography. It is amazing how a single typeface can create an entirely new mood. The basic typefaces such as Helvetica, Times New Roman, and Garamond are great to have for body text; however when you need something to stand out and give the audience a certain vibe that sets off the whole piece. Typography is so interesting in that respect! Here are some examples of not-so-conventional typography, each with it’s own unique style! Which typeface is your favorite?

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Exciting Day!

A few weeks ago, I was approached to design a logo and website for a certain remodeling company. I finally finished a plethora of options and sent in the final logo options to the company last Saturday. I have yet to really start working on the website, and am only in the beginning stages of research… but that is beside the fact. My excitement is mostly from getting my first check in the mail (LEGIT!!!) from doing graphic design work! WOOHOO! However, I must say, it sort of puts alot of pressure on me for the next project (creating the website), I hope to continue to impress my clients. So I guess I’m slightly nervous but mostly excited?! Anyway if anybody has any idea or suggestions as to how to put a Dreamweaver-designed website online (I need some sort of server i ‘spose). Anyway, i’m probably just rambling now, so please leave comments to give me some sort of general idea of where to head! “THANKS!” -Shelley

Creativity in Resumes

Recently, it has come to my attention that in the world of graphic design, many people are taking their resumes to an whole new creative level. This appears to be something that I should work on in the NEAR, near future (as opposed to my black and white basic resume, bleh)… Here are some examples that may spark your own creativity!

“People ignore design that ignores people” Frank Chimero

Out with the OLD, In with the NEW

With society constantly changing, we must change with it. And as time goes by, many companies will continue to redesign their logo to keep it updated with the times. It is interesting to look back at how logos have evolved. However, many people will see a newly designed logo as something distasteful, but it seems the main reason for the distaste is due to nostalgia that one has in connection to the old logo. That outdated logo reminds us of our youth and experiences and when that reminder is taken away, the change just does not seem right. Looking at the above logos, each newly redesigned logo looks more modern than the last. These will be the nostalgia of the next, more modern, generation.

To tweet by…

“Google Before You Tweet” by Jon Parker and Joe Newton

We are always on our computers, be it on facebook, twitter, tumblr, or even wordpress. I think this typographic picture is a very humorous/interesting take on the age old saying “think before you speak”. The two sayings really tie together modern times with the classic ones that we remember.

I think the typographic styling is interesting in that every line contains a different type of style. Some may think that such varying types cause an overwhelming feeling. However, since the amount of type is so minimal, I think it works positively for the image. Beside that, the simple colors and minimal illustrations help keep the piece from being too overwhelming.

How do you feel about this piece of graphic design? Good/Bad? Successful/Unsuccessful? Appealing, or not? Leave a comment!

Work in Graphic Design

I got a phone call from my Mom last night. She told me that a family friend of ours is looking to help her friend ‘makeover’ his website. Now I’m not going to post a link to the website just because I don’t want to hurt feelings. But seriously, this website NEEDS some help. And I would love to have helped with the website but you see, I am in Electronic Media Design right now, so I feel entirely under qualified. Wrong timing, right? Anyway, I’m hoping they still might need help after the semester is over when I know how to work html and css a lot better… hopefully. Anyway, in the mean time I might just have to design a logo and maybe that will draw them in and want to hire me in the future. This opportunity could be a HUGE stepping stone for me, since the family friend works with many graphic designers are a BIG company. No names here. But seriously, I hope it all works out, since my goal this year is to get an internship (I mean it’s my senior year, might as well!). Anyway cross your fingers for me that I can still do this job in the future! I mean I don’t want to be a waitress forever…

P.S. I know I talked about AIGA last time, but it seems like a great resource… so when looking for a job in the future, this article may have some good insight.

Yesterday was World Peace Day. So PEACE!

AIGA – A Step In the Right Direction?

Sitting in one of my graphic design classes the other day, my professor mentioned the organization, AIGA, or American Institute of Graphic Arts. As quoted from the website,

“AIGA’s mission is to advance designing as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force”.

It really sounds like the type of organization that can get a new graphic designer’s foot in the door. Unfortunately the closest chapters are in Minneapolis and Milwaukee, and that is quite a drive from little ole’ Eau Claire. Now that is a dilemma. What to do? Is it too late for a senior to join (since I just heard about this organization the other day)? …UGH!!

P.S. After learning in 375 about what makes a website successful (navigation, layout, color, etc.), this website is great! …check out the website: Let me know what you think?