Paul Rand – Master of Graphic Design

…He really knows what he is talking about!


5 Suggestions in Design & Development

According to, the following 5 suggestions are supposed to improve the design and development side of any and every type of website, blog, or whatever… let’s hope that I can follow those ‘rules of thumb’ and maybe end up with a successful blog (I do not own rights to the following post).


  1. Feedback: Get a few people to make one suggestion each about your site. It’s easy to be blind to mistakes on your own website.
  2. Browsers: Check your main website’s functionality in (e-commerce/gallery etc) in as many browsers as possible. Note any issues to fix later.
  3. Give direction: Your homepage isn’t an ‘about’ page. Give visitors a reason to click around. (Log in / Sign up / Request brochure etc.)
  4. Let the user be in control: Avoid popups, resizers and all those nasty things. It’s the users browser, not yours. Most popups can simply be placed on a new page.
  5. Animation: I’m not against a bit of useful animation, but don’t let images animate continually whilst the user is trying to read the content or look at a product. It’s like trying to sell a car to someone whilst dancing around distractingly in the background in a giant banana suit. Almost.

…aparently this is all supposed to take less than 5 minutes. Good luck!